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Our Story

EMPLOYT.COM IS A recruitment tech platform (with a human touch) WHERE AWESOME FUNDED COMPANIES HIRE TOP TALENT

We know that finding and recruiting the right people is painful. In fact, CEOs of UK's hottest ‘scale-up’ businesses identify recruitment as #1 challenge for growth. We also know that companies can do so much more to articulate better the culture and ‘spirit’ of their companies, and inspire top candidates to join them. We have created Employt to tackle this problem in London and the UK.
Employt is technology marketplace (with human touch) that matches awesome funded companies with top candidates. Our platform enables employers and candidates to articulate their value proposition to each other in a visual way. It makes the whole recruitment process seamless, transparent and dynamic. The way it should be.

Our Team

We are not recruitment consultants. We have scaled and exited tech businesses and know how painful it is to find and hire great people. We are a growing team based in London with a mission to make recruitment of top people transparent, seamless and fun. The way it should be.


As a CEO, scaled Telecity Plc from $6m to $3bn business. Wrote a bestseller ‘Forget Strategy, Get Results’.

Mike Tobin, OBE

Chairman of CoreHR, #1 Ireland's HR software company, Chairman of Metapack, SaaS scale up. Ex-CEO Torex Plc.

Steve Rowley

As an experienced in-house recruitment manager, he has worked with companies like comparethemarket.com and trainline.com. Matthew advises us how to consistently deliver amazing client experience.

Matthew Sackey

Serial technology entrepreneur with UK and Chinese start up / scale up companies

Annie Shi

CEO of Advantage Business Partnerships – serving 100+ tech clients, with a team of 30 people

Daryl Woodhouse


As a COO / CFO / Board Member, scaled / exited Astropay, Dlocal, Continuum Commerce, Student Universe.

Hired / trained / let go 50+ people in 2016 in his businesses.


Established and ran Digitalondon Ltd, a design and development studio in London.

Can therefore talk with developers / tech people ‘in the same language’.


A keen front-end developer herself, who can relate to tech candidates.

Loves speaking about latest dev tools and career goals of tech engineers.

Growth Champion

Looks after graduate / commercial / marketing / account management roles.

Being one herself, Chloe knows what drives millennials when looking at their next roles.

Growth Champion

Software engineer with a big heart. Loves delivering amazing candidate experience.

Responsible for embedding real and artificial intelligence on our platform.

Candidate Experience

What companies say?

They are a breath of fresh air – when I’m looking for technical roles, I speak with an actual developer from Employt, who understands our needs and can help us find suitable candidates.

Mark, CEO, Riptec

What companies say?

We identified a great sales candidate within minutes with great cultural fit, and moved along the interview phases very fast.

Jay, Head of Sales, Dlocal

What companies say?

The Employt team created an amazing visual profile of our company, which attracted a lot of interest in the roles that we had – much better than traditional recruiters.

Ronit, Commercial Manager, Astropay

Why work with us?


Visual profiles of companies and candidates



Reduce time to hire and recruitment costs by 50%



Awesome companies are matched with curated candidates