UB enables seamless transactions everywhere so customers
can buy instantly without being linked to third party sites.

Why Join UB?


Help us continue disrupting an industry. We have created a tech-proposition which enables meta-search engines / aggregators / banks monetise further at no expense to the user.


Join a team of successful serial entrepreneurs, who have set up, invested in, scaled or exited other tech businesses


You’ll have the freedom to use your initiative and have a real impact on the direction and growth of the business.

Perks & Quirks

Equity & Stock Options

Each employee is given a stake in the company and it’s future.


Pick the equipment that you have to work with each day.


Flexible working environment.


About UB



UB is an automation software provider. We live and breathe automation and robots. We are not a payments company, but we help customers buy and pay for online purchases instantly – without the need to be passed on to third party sites. So we deliver better online experience for users. And at the same time - we deliver further monetisation opportunities for meta-search providers, aggregators and banks, at no expense to the users. Win, win!

Through a super-awesome technology platform called the Automation Cloud that we have built, UB automates the booking of flights, train and bus tickets for users without any supplier, OTA or GDS integration. Rather than directing customers to a supplier website, they can book directly on a metasearch app or site.

For banks and payment companies we provide a “Buy Now” button which allows their users to instantly purchase products from any retailer website from inside their wallet.

We have 11 employees at our office in Farrington and have raised £2m in funding so far. We were part of Techstars in 2015 and the MasterCard Start Path programme in 2016. We are working with some of the best known brands in online travel and financial services, who are using our software. We are revenue generating and on track to break-even in 2017 and aim to raise Series A funding in Q3-Q4.

So, come and join us!

Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js, React, HTML5, WebSockets, SSE, CSS3, SQL, NoSQL, CompoundJS, Express, GIT, Mercurial, Linux, RabbitMQ, TDD

Our tech stack
At UB, we are after engineers who are ahead of the game and thrive on being at the top of their discipline.
Our technology works by automating the web with robots to build a single unified API layer for e-commerce.
We are focused on leveraging our automation tech solution deliver additional monetisation opportunities to meta-search providers, aggregators, banks. We do this through enabling users to complete the booking and payment on their sites. This means far less friction and a significant increase in conversion rates and revenue.
From a user’s perspective, UB has the potential to power purchase wherever products are discovered, from any channel. We enable true omni-channel shopping / booking / payment and have real potential to change an enormous industry with a technology product and data-centred approach.
We’re at the beginning of an extraordinary journey to shake-up e-commerce and we’re looking for inspiring collaborators to accompany us along the way.

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The role

UB is looking to hire a CFO/COO to work with the management team in our London office. This will be a mixture of financial planning, sound reasoning, clear articulation of where we are and where we’re going, timely reporting, smooth administration and championing our growing and exciting business.

You’ll get to work at management level with the executive, product, development and bizdev teams, influence decisions in all these areas, work with our board and investors and be a key face of the company internally.

You’ll also be a primary contact for all UB employees. We have team members in London, Brighton, Bucharest and Kursk. Wherever we work we like to think we’re all dedicated, open and approachable individuals.

Your primary responsibilities will include:


  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Working with the CEO on equity fundraising and company valuation
  • Liaison with and management of the company’s investors
  • Delivering the next round of fundraising (Series A)
  • Preparation of Management Accounts and financial reports for management and the board
  • Input on pricing strategy and pricing agreements with clients
  • Managing the company’s banking, cash and liquidity position
  • Working closely with our accountants on Payroll, VAT, R&D Tax Credits, EMI options valuations and other matters
  • Coordination and sign-off of annual accounts
  • Relatively pain-free bookkeeping in Xero
  • Managing invoices, billing clients and paying suppliers


  • Basic HR administration for employees, employment matters, contracts, compliance, due diligence etc.
  • Managing our legal partners on commercial contracts, investment documentation, immigration and other matters
  • Preparation of statutory filing and returns and applications such as Companies House Confirmation Statements, SH01 submissions, EIS applications and administration
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory registers, corporate compliance and other operational necessities such as insurance cover
  • Managing the office and facilities (for London-based and remote team members)
  • General record keeping


  • Overview and definition of all company processes and policies including for the product, engineering and business development disciplines
  • Encouraging team communication
  • Monitoring KPIs
  • Define how the company utilises and gains insight from data

And you will play a key role in:

  • Defining and owning processes across the business and influencing them at a Management Team level.
  • Defining the direction of the company
  • Providing a financial perspective on management team decisions
  • Building the company

You’ll also have experience of:

  • Working for technology startups/scale-ups
  • Presenting and justifying complex financial scenarios to management and board members
  • Working in a small, growing team

And it would be great if you also have:

  • A formal accountancy background
  • Experience negotiating and/or closing equity funding rounds
  • Experience with accounts and reporting in Xero
  • Knowledge of UK immigration issues and, in particular, Tier 2 visa sponsorship
  • A good understanding of software technologies and, even better, automation
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Senior Full-stack Back-end Developer

About You

You’re ahead of the game and you thrive on being at the top of your discipline. You get excited to take ownership of a project and drive it from start to finish. Taking on challenging problems gets you in the zone.

You have the ability to devise comprehensive solutions for problems that have never been solved before. And, of course, you solve known problems quickly. You understand the good and bad parts of a programming language, and use only the good parts. You follow coding style. You deliver quickly, knowing that the first 20% of your effort will solve 80% of the goal and, just as crucially, you know that the remaining 80% of your effort will solve the remaining 20% of the goal. You’re tenacious, and you have the ability to predict and adapt to future design changes.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and document design, source base and architecture.
  • Maintain and manage existing source bases.
  • Design, develop and implement solutions to users' needs and requirements.
  • Review and improve code.
  • Write functional and regression tests.
  • Integrate server-side APIs.
  • Engage with internal standards to keep us forward-compatible.
  • Coach, facilitate, solve work problems, and participate in the work of the team.

We’re looking for someone with (essential criteria):

  • Experience of working in a team lead position.
  • Experience of agile development methodologies, e.g. scrum and kanban.
  • Experience with TDD and continuous integration.
  • Highly proficient in Javascript (OOP), SQL and NoSQL storage and server administration
  • Highly proficient raw Javascript programming (without dependence on any framework or toolset)
  • Knowledge of a variety of software design patterns, such as factory, observer, module, pubsub, closure, async, promises etc.
  • High level of experience working with back-end development frameworks (e.g. CompoundJS, Express).
  • Experience working with at least one type of front-end JS framework like Vue.js, AngularJS or React.
  • Experience working with modern web technologies used in front-end development, including HTML5, WebSockets, SSE, CSS3.
  • Experience working with at least one source control system (GIT, Mercurial etc)
  • Experience working on browser automation.
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line tools.
  • Experience working with RabbitMQ in high load applications.

It would be great if you also have (preferred criteria):

  • Computer Science or related degree.
  • Commercial experience with high-volume scalable architectures.
  • Knowledge of the current state of ES6 and ES7 development.
  • Experience in programming languages other than Javascript (preferably Ruby or Python)
  • An interest in online security.
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